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The measurement of time in a glass has been a subject of interest for 6 centuries and the inspiration for many beautiful gift ideas.

For over 60 years, Day-Impex has been manufacturing a wide variety of unmounted time glasses, hand-blown by skilled glass blowers.

Many shapes, sizes, running times and colours are available in our range to suit the varied needs of manufacturers working with wood, brass, slate, plastic, acrylic and other materials.

Standard sizes can range between 32mm to 165mm diameter and the overall length from 127mm to 610mm. Running times can be selected from 30 seconds up to 4 hours.

If you have a requirement or idea which is not listed in the table, we shall be happy to provide a quotation against your sketch or specification.

We can make the body of the sand timer pear-shaped, straight-sided, with triple bulbs or in the traditional hourglass shape.

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We make the glass
you make the gift!

We can fill with many types of medium including natural sand, coloured ballotini (glass beads), and even Swarovski® Crystals!

Our media is graded, washed, and dried to ensure its free-flowing qualities.

    Glass shot ballotini filling

    Available in a rainbow of colours

    • White
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Mauve
    • Orange
    • Black

    Time in a glass

    We also stock a range of small glass timers that can be made into traditional kitchen egg timers as well as game timers or anything else your imagination can create!


    • Available in a wide range of colours standard sizes are between 14-27 mm in diameter and 65-90 mm in length
    • Run times range from 3.5 – 5 minutes stand alone timer
    • In addition to the traditional game timer is a timer that can ‘stand alone’ meaning it is unmounted but has flat ends on which it stands.



    Size Diameter
    (Diameter x Length)

    Running Time


    135 x 460 mm

    1 to 3 hours


    165 x 610 mm

    1 to 4 hours


    110 x 280 mm

    30 to 90 mins.


    44 x 152 mm

    4 to 10 mins.


    60 x 160 mm

    10 to 30 mins.


    32 x 280 mm

    5 to 15 mins.


    75 x 200 mm

    20 to 60 mins.

    101 (triple bulb)

    53 x 158 mm

    5 mins.


    50 x 127 mm

    30 seconds to 15 mins.

    As time goes by…

    Over the past 60 years, Day-Impex Ltd. has made time glasses for special occasions and for unique applications. Below are just a few examples.

    A Gift of Time Presented to HRH Princess Margaret

    In 1955, HRH Princess Margaret visited Kingston as part of her Caribbean tour. During her visit she was presented with the time glass pictured.

    It was manufactured in Birmingham with the unmounted glass supplied by Day-Impex Ltd. and was flown especially to Jamaica as a present for Her Royal Highness.

    Pulsotimer - Medical Application

    An example of a unique application is the Pulsotimer pictured with its original packaging.

    This tiny time glass was manufactured by Day-Impex Ltd. back in the fifties for a company called Brannan.

    Nurses would pin this little timer to their uniforms, once started, it would run for 15 seconds during which time pulse rate was established.

    Giant Mechanical Time Clock

    Commissioned by Smith of Derby, Day Impex manufactured a giant timer to be incorporated into a magnificent mechanical clock.

    This fantastic piece of engineering is located in the grounds of Burleigh House, Lincolnshire.

    Donation of Time Glasses to Kenya Legislative Council

    In 1956, Day-Impex Ltd. donated two-time glasses to the Kenya Legislative Council similar to those used in the House of Commons.

    They were used as ‘meeting’ timers when discussing budgets. The letter pictured is the official ‘thank-you’ received from the Speaker’s Chambers, Parliament Buildings in Nairobi, Kenya.



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